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  • Solid Roots

    Solid Roots

    We finally have our site up and running. Its been a crazy few years, but it’s been worth the journey. After a some initial development we are finally ready to unveil our polished logo. Check […]

  • To be a kid again!

    To be a kid again!

    Another concept that has been sitting on my plate for a long time. I have been taking the last few weeks to try and catch up on some personal work, as well as some “gifts”. […]

  • Winter Wonderland

    Winter Wonderland

    My intentions where to finish this a few months ago. But considering its snowing today, even in April, perhaps its not that “late.” This was a personal piece I have been working on between contracts, […]

  • Solar Chaos – XBox Release

    Solar Chaos – XBox Release

      I realize that its been a while since I have posted any new updates. I have been so busy working on some exciting new projects. I hope to have some updates posted in the […]