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Diablo 3 Fan Art

I never thought I would see the day that I finally finished it. I honestly thought this would sit in a random folder on my desktop for the next few years. For all you video games lovers, this is Fan Art inspired by Diablo 3. Feels good to finally finish this. #fanart#diablo3#Tyrael# Imperius ...

Diablo 3 Fan Art

I finally had a chance to finish my black and white study of this piece. It has been on my desk top for so long, I wasn't sure if I would ever finish it. When I find all the versions of this, I will post where it started, and how it finished. Tyrael is one of my favourite characters in Diablo 3, and one of my favourite cut scenes is where Tyrael and Imperius...

License to Tank

Tank is finally getting his own poster. Our weekly challenge was to create a movie poster that "could" exist. This was so much fun, one of my favourite challenges to date. ...